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The Cutler - comrades, and collaborators

As 'The Cutler' Steve Cobby and Porky have been lucky enough to have worked with a variety of musicians, and vocalists.

In alphabetical order...

Alex Crowfoot

press shot

Vocalist on the track 'Cleaver', and Huluzi (chinese gourd flute) player on 'Unagisaki Hocho', both from The Cutler's 2008 album 'Cutler'. Alex also designed the layout for the cd.

Alex Crowfoot is the writer-producer behind Sydney electronic duo ollo. Formed with partner Lars Chresta around 2000, their first album, 2002's ravenously eclectic "Sleeper", was compared favourably to Caribou, Fourtet and Prefuse 73. Live sets were recorded by ABC Radio National and SBS and ollo played live in the US, UK and Europe soon after.

Sophomore album 'The If If' further developed their richly layered, genre defying production style and featured forays into songwriting. Notable live performances included Sydney Festival and Hanoi International Music Festival, with experimental DJ sets at Sydney Opera House and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Their 2012 album 'Ape Delay' took a sharp left turn sonically, recorded using only old analogue synths, live drums, and vintage studio effects at cult studio Tardis, but it continues the shift toward songs. Their most critically acclaimed work to date, 'Ape Delay' has been nominated for the Coopers Australian Music Prize.

ollo image by Cass Hannagan

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Andrew Taylor

Album artwork

Vocalist on the tracks 'Pyramid Of Power' (The Best Things In Life Aren't Things - 2012), and 'Didn't Have A Clue' (Everything Is Touching Everything Else - 2013)

Perhaps best known for his ability to write a catchy tune and perform it in a deft and touching style Andrew Taylor is also a composer of electro, ambient, funk, psych-folk some prog-meanderings and almost any other style you may care to think of. His first instrument was made from a cereal box, a kitchen roll-tube and some elastic bands; it is this home-made ethic that permeates much of his work, though he seems to nurture an ability to make the lo-fi sound wide, expansive and well a bit hi-fi!

Here is what his website says about his most recent work... "Andrew Taylor's new album, entitled Mohribold, is an epic musical tapestry that weaves between a multitude of genres. The hour plus of music is crammed with a detail and energy that seems to come from another realm. There are no discernable lyrics here, instead an array of instruments seem to speak a language native to the unseen, deep, murky and mysterious wilds of Norfolk but a Norfolk populated by African drums and South-American ukeleles and its landscape of bouzoukis, old organs, trumpets and assorted percussion creates something of a psych-folk symphony."


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Isobel Helen

Photograph of Isobel Helen

Vocalist on the track 'Romulus And Remus' from The Cutler's 2013 album 'Everything Is Touching Everything Else'.

Former frontwoman of No Ceremony///, Isobel is a vocalist, songwriter and prolific topliner. Described as sounding like 'a blend of Mazzy Star and Sia', Isobel is known for her distinctive vocal style. Originally from the south but now living and working between Leeds and London, most of Isobel's time is spent composing melodies and lyrics for a variety of producers and writing her own material. Inbetween, she sessions for recording artists, takes part in remixes and reworkings and is currently collaborating with Steve Cobby, Rogan and Rich Frenneaux of Red Light Company.


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Little Glitches

Photograph of Little Glitches

Vocalists on the track 'OFGB' from The Cutler album 'Everything Is Touching Everything Else' (2013).

Little Glitches are a folktronica collective from Sheffield. The founding members of the collective are Andrew Bolam (bass guitar), Gavin Harris (drums), Iain Stewart (acoustic guitars), and Sam Smith (Rhodes piano). All four members share vocal and song writing duties and recent releases have been championed by 6 Music's Shaun Keaveny and Lauren Laverne. Little Glitches are due to release an album in autumn 2013 which has been post produced by Steve Cobby. There are also plans to tour the UK in support of the release


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Russell Morgan

Photograph of Russell Morgan

Vocalist on the track 'Revolution' from The Cutler album 'The Best Things In Life Aren't Things' (2012).

Extraordinary folk blues guitarist and songwriter Russell Morgan lives and writes in Cheshire, UK. Russell's sound is defined by his honey soaked growl, quirky writing style and a unique guitar approach.

His voice and sound is a marriage of traditional acoustic folk, alternative rock and blues; close listening reveals echoes of John Martyn and Richie Havens.

His debut EP "Surrender", mastered at Abbey Road and co-produced by Filippo Gaetani, with a healthy collaborative input from Canadian producer Jordon Zadorozny was released on September 1st 2012 through Rayrecordings.


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Sarah Johns

Photograph of Sarah Johns

Vocalist on the tracks 'Épée' and 'Stiletto' from The Cutler's 2008 album 'Cutler'.

Sarah Johns writes and sings with Mr Beasley, and has her own band the Sarah Johns Music Party which is also the name of the arts night she runs.

She also works closely with 'Battersea Art Centre' which is London's number 1 experimental theatre. Here she has been developing a more theatrical "gig" in the hope of making live performances more engaging for the audience as well as the performer.

Sarah's music party nights are held in East London.


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