Heights of Abraham is Steve Cobby Sim Lister and Jake Harries - "......soothing in its melodies, yet cannot be classed as chill out music, more 'high altitude electronic soul'. It is music that could be made for astronauts to listen to whilst looking down gazing upon the globe rotating beneath. Escape the harsh realities of the jagged edges of life, comfort yourself in the cushioned surroundings developed by Heights of Abraham. Prepare to be dazzled by the blindingly beautiful sound..." Paul Morley, music journalist 1998

You can buy the Heights of Abraham from Bandcamp | iTunes | Amazon (co.uk)... Dolphins - 'Dolphins' from the 1995 album 'Electric Hush' can be heard on the new ZTT Records compilation 'Zambient One'- "ZTT's very personal collection of modern day lullabies (and wake-up calls). The soundtrack to an imaginary road movie in three parts that heads off from Sarm Studios in West London on a torrential Friday night and arrives at the burning embers of Studios Mediterraneo in Ibiza just in time for sunrise on Sunday." See the ZTT website for a full tracklist.

1992 and onwards

Heights of Abraham is Sim Lister once part of the nascent Sheffield scene from the early 80s; vocalist and Lister's old Chakk team-mate Jake Harries; and Steve Cobby the notorious (and influential) beats & bobs explorer and Lister's Twentythree Records / Steel Tiger co-conspirator.

Heights of Abraham - Two Thousand and Six

The third album from Heights of Abraham

Artwork: Design/Photographs - Steve Cobby, Layout - David McSherry. Originally released 02 November 2005 as CD/download on Twentythree Records, Cat No. T035


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"'Two Thousand Six' has already turned out to be quite a year, and here, it's even more so turned out to be quite a CD! Downtempo production team Heights of Abrahams (Steve Cobby--1/2 of Fila Brazillia--and Sim Lister, along with breathy vocalist Jake Harries) have crafted a melange of dark, yet easily-accessible and chilled left-field tracks sure to please any crowd. Full of organic grooves that shimmer with sizzling, sax solos and haunting guitar riffs, Cobb and Lister manage to get inside your mind and soul. Their songs are warm, hypnotic and slow-burning providing the appropriate ambiance for any occasion, whether it's a social gathering, or love making. This one comes Highly Recommended. "Two Thousand Six" is definitely the year for Heights of Abraham!!!" - Darrell L. Lee - Amazon, 2006

"Completely underrated downbeat album by Mr. Steven Cobby and friends - highly recommended for long car rides." - Richard Dorfmeister - DMC Update, 2007

album artwork

Heights of Abraham
Electric Hush

Heights of Abraham - Electric Hush

The second album from Heights of Abraham. Electric Hush was voted one of the 'Top 20 Dance Albums of 1995' by Mixmag, the influential dance-music and club-culture magazine.

  • 01) The Cleric
  • 02) Boogie Heights
  • 03) High Time
  • 04) Dolphins
  • 05) What's the Number
  • 06) Olive Branching
  • 07) E.V.A.
  • 08) 700 Channels
  • 09) Sunyatta
  • 10) Make Love

Originally released 01 June 1995 as CD on Pork Recordings (PORK 028). Electric Hush was bought and released (with different artwork) by the ZTT label in 1998, and remains on that label.

Artwork by The Designers Republic.


"ANYONE who heard last year's brilliant electro-jazz funk single 'Sportif' knows how good Heights of Abraham can get. Anyone who does anything much on motorways knows Heights of Abraham is also a beauty spot off the M1. Hang on until December 11th and you can enjoy an album that has all of the above and yet more: 'Sportif' was no one off. This album has real high beauty.

"Heights of Abraham wonder without ever getting lost in their own laid back, consummately melodic landscape, a place where slow electric funk, soundtrack jazz, gentle acid and white soul are all to be found. 'Boogie Heights' features a slow breakbeat and a wondering, echoing saxophone - it goes on forever and it's still not long enough. On 'Dolphins' a high male voice sings mournfully over a simple keyboard "this old world will never change" and you ride his easy melancholy with glee. 'What's The Number' slides and wails over Latin funky percussion. 'Sunyatta' keeps the samba rhythms and just floats a few faraway girlie wails on top. 'Make Love' finishes things off with slow rhythms, soundtrack noises, a hard breakbeat and some chanting.

"CD, maybe, coffee table, maybe, cool and rather clever, definitely. Yet devoid of muso doodling and done with such class, such a feeling for mood and for the all-important spaces between the notes that you can't help but be seduced. This is a brilliant album." - Dom Phillips - 101 Mixmag, 1995

"The Heights of Abraham are Steve Cobby, Jake Harries and Sim Lister. Steve is the one and only Solid Doctor while Jake and Sim were once part of Sheffield's seminal electro-hedonists Chakk. Together they've produced some of the most beautiful grooves you could imagine. Think of Frankie Knuckles' 'Your Love', add it to Galaxy 2 Galaxy's 'Hi Tech Jazz' and lay it all over Massive Attack's 'Unfinished Sympathy' and you're getting close. We're talking heart-breaking stuff here. Jake's voice is distinctive - a truly angelic set of vocal chords which are plucked with consummate ease. Check out 'Dolphins' for some musical medicine to relieve the ills of today. And, it's not just the vocals; the instrumentation is as good as you'll hear anywhere. Delve into 'High Time' to find out how to really use a 303 or look no further than 'Boogie Heights' for a lesson in 120bpm dance tracks. Without the rules. To put it bluntly, this is one of the most outstanding albums of the year and what's more, it was made in the UK. Don't miss out." - Kevin Lewis - Generator Magazine, 1995

"pause for thought while Heights Of Abraham cause temporal stasis (or make time stand still, if you prefer) with their blissful version of Fred Neil's Dolphins" - ZTT, 2013

"By rights, and by twisting the precisions of the Chinese calendar to fit a musical context, 1996 should be the Year of the Pig. If we're to honour the recent merits of Hull's Pork Recordings, that is. This is the third album from the ultra-productive Pork farm in as many months, and it's made it into some DJ's Greatest-Albums-of- The-'90 s-So-Far lists, despite it only being released this month. 'Electric Hush' is one to file along with Massive Attack's 'Blue Lines', Mr Fingers' 'Classic Fingers' and Marvin Gaye's 'What's Goin' On?' - records that can't fail to make you feel. There's singing from Jake Harries bass-tone voice, and the summer classic, 'EVA' that re-appropriates saxophones away from chatshow intros and back into a glorious self-sufficient shimmer of melody. You'd be hard pressed to find a classier set of tunes, tears and soul-food bass this side of New York. An instant classic. Soundbite: "Abe's sacrificial treasure." - Emma Warren - Select Magazine, 1995

Heights of Abraham - Humidity

The first album from Heights of Abraham

Artwork by The Designers Republic. Originally released 01 August 1993 as CD on Pork Recordings (PORK 009)


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"Terribly underrated and nearly forgotten, the Heights of Abraham's Humidity is a classic trip-hop album that never really got its due. And that's a pity, since the band comprises of one half of Fila Brazillia and vocalist Jake Harries. "Still Waiting" is an absolutely gorgeous track, and, to this day, I still sing along with it when I hear it. "Sportif" is a wonderfully, bouncy mid-tempo track, while "In the Cold" takes us back to romance. "Love Flows Down" becomes an ethereal track, but "10.55" returns things to earth with a humorous spoken word riff on a small town. And the final track, "Tides," ebbs and flows like the real thing, if instead of water, you had electro. Listen to this album and keep the spirit alive." - Scoundrel - Discogs, 2004

THEY'RE based in Sheffield. Two of them are refugees from seminal early Eighties industrial funksters Chakk; the other's done a runner from Mancunian, postbaggy soul smoothies Ashley & Jackson. The album sleeve pictures an eye looking out from what must be a computer graphic. Within it, songs have titles like "Love Flow Down", and there's some rampant, steamy sax. What's more, they record at FON and for the same underground label that brought us the bona fide Club Classic, "Fila Brazilia", last year. Now here's another one.

"Humidity" is a brilliant record. Why?

Because it (a) manages to conjure up the most sultry, smoochy urban soul grooves this side of Marvin Gaye, (b) contains more hum-in-the-bath melodies then yer average "Now" compilation, (c) features a guitarist (Steve Cobby) who has been known to collaborate with ACR's godlike Martin Moscrop, and (d) allows absolute escapism to co-exist with concern. Here's an album you can bliss out to without feeling guilty. lnterested? You should be.

Stick this on at the end of a long day and you won't need to soak your feet in Radox. lnstead, let the hazy trance rhythms of "Still Waiting" and "Sunshine" smooth away your aches and pains. Sigh as the subtle funk of "Sportif" gives way to "In The Cold" and the subway vocal ambience of The Blue Nile. Embrace also their echoes of Isaac Hayes, the odd blast of Miles, Kalima, even M-People circa "How Can I Love You More". And then prepare to gulp at the kitchen sink drama of "10:55", which begins "Oldman Flattery runs down the street being chased by his wife with a carving knife...".

It ain't 'alf a shock, mum.

But that's the beauty of this album. Airy melodies rub up against subsonic bass, aural hallucinogens hide vividly real scenes, and there's always a surprise lurking around the corner." - Dave Simpson - Melody Maker, 1994

'HEIGHTS OF ABRAHAM slip into DAVE SIMPSON's bedroom at night and cool his world'

HEIGHTS of Abraham make brilliantly smouldering Radox music that covers all bases between Marvin, The Blue Nile and mid-Nineties dub culture, and soothes them outta sight. "The dance mags label it' post- Trip-Hop'," ponders guitarist Steve Cobby down the line from Hull."People have come to terms with what they call this 'blunted, jazz, techno instrumental thing', but we were doing that last year! It's just a lot of thumping bass and backbeat but with our distinctive melodious vibe over the top. It's original, but we're rooted in hip hop, funk and jazz and also that whole tradition of northern SOUL!! dance/rock from ACR onwards."

Heights make perfect, soul-massaging music, Steve gives perfect, brain-stimulating interview. Uninterrupted, he'll tell you how he loves surprise, spontaneity, Marvin's "Troubleman" once a week, early Factory Records and sometime singer Jake's "white blues" voice. Then, how he hates formula, producers, record companies, advertising, ostentatious display and the cult of personality (hence photo!). "You should never pander to expectations" insists Steve. "'Top of The Pops' IS International cabaret and everything else is folk music. Heights are like heretics, barking at the mainstream and telling them how shit they are!"

A Heights 12-inch, 'Sportif', is available on Pork Recordings, as is last year's 'Humidity' LP.' - Dave Simpson - Melody Maker, 1995

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