Hey, Rube! is Steve Cobby and Stephen Mallinder. "The clown got a black eye in a hey, Rube!"

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Hey, Rube! - Can You Hear Me Mutha? Steel Tiger Records [ST013]

Well can you? - That special creole and sonic hybrid, Sheffield meets Hull, has surfaced again. A troubadour in trainers and electronic whizzer have teamed up, and not for the first time, but now under the moniker Hey, Rube! Please don't forget the punctuation it's important. The result of this coming together of musical miscreants is a veritable festival of frequencies. A selection of tracks recorded over a period of 4-years each one captures the changing state of their oddball nation - no two tracks sound remotely alike - a pair in constant flux.

Founder-member of pioneering electronic act Cabaret Voltaire, Mallinder has worked with numerous artists and producers including Afrika Bambaataa, John Robie, Adrian Sherwood and Marshall Jefferson. Cobby is a musician, composer, producer, and DJ - best known for Fila Brazillia, J*S*T*A*R*S (Sim Lister), Heights of Abraham (Sim Lister/Jake Harries), and The Solid Doctor. Steve's production, co-production/remix projects include Radiohead; Afghan Whigs and The Twilight Singers .

Steel Tiger Records [ST013] - cd / digital download. Can You Hear Me Mutha? released on Monday 15th October 2012.

All written, produced & recorded by Cobby / Mallinder (F-Tang Music / Eagle-i Music Ltd). Mastered by Jaro @ Analogue Dimension. Cover art design by Ian Anderson at The Designers Republic - Photograph by Tom Jackson.


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"This is really a wonderful breeze through the minds of two muso's given free rein to explore their vast knowledge of music. I could listen to this again tomorrow and come out a totally different yet enthusiastic review. 9/10" StevoMusicMan - October 13, 2012. "I REALLY like this release. Really feeling this big time. I am going to play this whole release on my radio show on Sonar Fm next week and write about it in my review for TLG Magazine." Rebecca Vasmant - Sonar FM / Ministry of Sound Tour / TLG Magazine.

"Tight and exquisitely arranged production sees Hey, Rube! deliver an electronic blend of dance-floor monsters and disco-style bangers, as well as beautiful downtempo compositions, g-funk'esque grooves and dub elements. For a record containing so many styles, it bonds wonderfully and takes the listener on a fantastic journey into the greater realms of contemporary electronic music." MundoVibe - October 4, 2012.

"Wow, what a sonic attack on the senses nothing like I have heard on a while... it is like that big gobstopper that willy wonka made in Charly and The Chocolate factory, as you suck on it you get various flavours at different times all wrapped into one. Quality. Absolutely love 'Mengi Dem Disco Leggy'!" Steve Bignell.

"For those of you who don't know, a few years back, out of the ashes of perhaps one of Britain's greatest labels 'Pork Recordings' rose Steel Tiger Records, one of my favourite labels they have played host to some stellar releases from The Cutler, Chieftain and now this monster from Hey Rube!... The album is released today (15/10/2012), if you don't buy it, then shame on you!" Quantum Bleep - October 15, 2012.

Cobby and Mal have quite a bit of previous:

Steve Cobby, the Solid Doctor, the Fila Brazillian, and a man with four years of non-stop tunes on his hard-drive has been locked in mortal combat with Stephen Mallinder, once of Cabaret Voltaire, but always Mal to those who know.

"First time I met the good Doctor was in the FON Studio with all those dubious characters of the time, he was learning his gigging chops with Bomb the Bass" (Mal).

Well as it turned out the two would continue to lock horns both in the UK, recording with both Filas under the guise of 'The Barney Mullhouse Project' (try sampling that backwards kids), and in Australia, where Mal had been deported and was running a radio station and the legendary 'Offworld' label.

Fast forward to the 21st Century and it's Hey, Rube! A rumble on the edge of town. Like Benson and Hedges they're probably bad for your long-term health, but sod it eh?

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