JJ Fuchs is Steve Cobby. As 'JJ Fuchs' Cobby explores hectic beats.

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JJ Fuchs - Stick it in t'middle

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JJ Fuchs : Stick it in t'middle

The track 'Stick it in t'middle' was originally released as a 12" by 'Twentythree Records', and is also track number 4 on 'Twentythree Twelves'; a sampler from Twentythree Records Ltd. 'Stick it in t'middle' is also track 11 on Fabric 18.

"Acid Jazz/ House at its best. This has to be one of the best CD mixes on the Fabric series. A great mix of Dub, Acid Jazz and Mellow house. It is a very easy to listen mix with funky guitar rhythms, Jazz, House and Break beats and plenty of rhythm. If you like Fila Brazillia then you will like this..." Mr. M. Bond

"Take three supremely talented producers: Mark Blissenden (half of Baby Mammoth), Beige (half of Momma Gravy) and Solid Doctor (Steve Cobby of Fila Brazillia), give them total creative freedom and the spotlight of one of the most respect clubs/record labels in the world (Fabric in London) and what have you got? One of the most interesting CDs you are likely to hear this year. Running the gamut from funk-flavored electro (Stick it in t'middle and Pigeon's G-Spot) and dub-influenced rhythms (Blind Date), to broken beats (Bewilder and Bottle Back), Indi-rock (Boy With A Comb and Did You Pass On MY Guitar) and deep, almost ambient works (Finale), this disc gives new meaning to the term 'eclectic'." Paul Dailey

"An eclectic mix of rare and unreleased grooves from UK greats Baby Mammoth, Momma Gravy, Solid Doctor and others. Some of the material seems blasť and sophomoric, "Boy With a Comb" comes to mind, but this is indeed excellent acid jazz/ambient funk for your dancing and riding pleasure. Songs like "Elephunk", "Did You Piss on My Guitar", "Stick it in t'middle", "Bottle Back", and "Spansules" are definitely stand-out tracks. An instant classic." Darrell L. Lee

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