Guitarist Rich Arthurs of Orgatronics collaborates with Steve Cobby to form 'Peacecorps'. Peacecorps = ambient guitar, lo-fi music.

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Peacecorps - Bushfarmer

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Peacecorps : Bushfarmer

The 'Bushfarmer' EP - released on Steel Tiger in September 2007 - is only available as a digital download.

Leeds-based Rich's inimitable guitar style draws on traditional Brazilian guitar and flamenco traditions of the Spanish guitar fused with the rock and jazz techniques of the electric - combined with samples and effects to create a diverse textural sound.

There's no business like Agribusiness

The sun shines and the rain falls differently on different food-producers. Every poor year reduces the survival capacity for food-producers at the bottom of the ladder.

Poor cultivators produce first and foremost for their own family consumption. If some of the harvest is left over, so much the better, it can be bartered or sold for cash - as a surplus to what they need.

Improved 'man-made' seeds that can produce high-yielding plants, usually of wheat or rice, respond extremely well IF they have lots of fertilizer, chemical protection, herbicides, controlled irrigation and drainage... Who can use seeds that require such costly nurturing? Not the millions of poor cultivators with no cash reserves or access to legitimate credit - and who need to feed their families.

Why are so many food-producers (rather than food-consumers) the first to go hungry?


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