"The only regular night I have is the - StopMakingSense - ting upstairs at Welly every Saturday playing the usual unusual"

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Pork uploads to mixcloud as Kingstonpork.

Kingstonpork - "These mixes contain the new music I have sorted and triple filtered to avoid dropping duffers on you, the listener. Though they are gently genre specific I didn't want to title them as such. I shall leave that to those bourgeois dj kings of the underground who for decades have exhibited a lickspittling level of cowardice whilst claiming they keep it real. Working by many rules and codes they operate more like the Hitler Youth than anything to do with freedom of musical thought. Fortunately the internet is slowly collapsing this bullshit and hopefully these mixes express my joy in the eclectic wonders that are there to be discovered."

Pork Recordings

Pork established Pork Recordings with Steve Cobby in 1990. It was a fiercely independent label which preferred to "duck convenient labelling by the media in an ongoing quest to replace bland, genre-specific beats with something a great deal more wholesome". Pork recording's most significant artists included Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth, Bullitnuts, and Leggo Beast.

No corporation hype, just quality music.

"Hugely important label in the Downtempo arena. With over 100 non-commercial releases to their name, Pork have been a constant purveyor of the highest quality material for over 10 years. With no hype-driven publicity machine behind them, Pork have built their reputation through the strength of their music and relied on word-of-mouth to spread the message. A label that has its ethos and output totally sorted." Charles Howarth 2003

"For the last 15 years the fiercely independent Pork Recordings label has been releasing the best trip-hop, mid-tempo house and chillout that the producers of Hull have had to offer. Their biggest selling artists Fila Brazillia finally defected to a major label, but this retrospective proves there was always a healthy depth to their roster. Bullitnuts, Solid Doctor and Baby Mammoth all made soulful left-field electronic funk, and the newer signings Moss, Leggobeast and Momma Gravy continue the tradition with shiny, sophisticated nu-jazz and mellow breaks. An unassuming double album which nevertheless insinuates itself into your consciousness by dint of its sheer, unrelenting niceness." The Independent on Sunday, July 2003

Pork Recordings, Mixmag article

"We're driven by serendipity, and happenstance. Happy accidents. We have carried on in the same vein we started; it was born from a will to experiment, and discover other paths, rather than thinking 'right, let's write some songs to get played on the radio." (Steve Cobby)

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