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Stephen Mallinder is one half of Hey, Rube!.

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Stephen Mallinder

A brief bio

Stephen Mallinder is a founder member of pioneering electronic act 'Cabaret Voltaire', who are regarded as one of the key influences on contemporary electronic and popular music culture.

"One of the most influential electronic bands of all time, cited by everyone from New Order to Stereolab to Primal Scream. Without Sheffield's Cabs much modern music could never have been made. Starting (initially, inducing riots) in 1975, they were electronic music's equivalent of the Sex Pistols and the Baader-Meinhof gang. Leather-clad and wonderfully futuristic/ intimidating, they took a sonic blowtorch to the sterility of modern pop." - Dave Simpson, The Guardian (May 26, 2000)

The group's first release, Extended Play in 1979, represented the first domestic release for Rough Trade Records, the UK's foremost independent label followed by, A Factory Sampler, the debut release for the seminal British record label, Factory Records. He went onto produce more than 30 albums for these and other groundbreaking independent labels plus worldwide releases for Virgin, EMI, Manhattan/ Blue Note with chart and club successes around the world notably in Europe and USA. Much of this work comprised 5 box sets released between 2001-2003 for Virgin and Mute Records to critical acclaim.

Stephen has worked numerous artists, film and record producers including Afrika Bambaataa and early electro producer John Robie. He has recorded albums with legendary dub producer Adrian Sherwood and became the first UK act to record an album in Chicago in the late 80s with "the originator of house" Marshall Jefferson.

He established the 'Doublevision' label, the UK's first independent video label with associated record label. Has won awards in USA and UK for videos and artwork. Produced soundtracks for cinema, television, theatre and national ballet. Established 'Plastex Records' in 1990.

In the mid 1990s Steven moved to Australia and in 1996 established 'Off World Sounds' record label, recording under the names 'Sassi & Loco', and the 'Ku-Ling Bros'.

Under the premise of having the capacity to commission major international artists for previously unreleased material to Australia as a primary territory 'Off World Sounds' has released 30 albums on CD and vinyl from around the globe including Gripper (UK), Little Egypt (USA), Looped for Pleasure (UK), The Bone Idol (Austria /UK/USA) DB Chills (Aus). Stephen wrote, and co-produced 'Amateur Night at the Big Top' with Shaun Ryder for 'Off Word Sounds' in 2003. The label's artwork was designed by Manchester's renowned 'Central Station' designers.

A radio presenter for ten years Stephen has worked in broadcasting as both music and current affairs producer - RTRFM. He has also been the ABC Radio (WA) Popular Culture presenter.

Worked as music journalist for a number of Australian newspapers and magazines including, Ministry Magazine, Sunday Times and West Australian.

Has talked at numerous music and film festivals and is a guest speaker on electronic music.

Has recently hosted and appeared in 'Most Interesting Person' which premiered at the 'Sheffield International Documentary Festival' in June 2012.


Stephen Mallinder has written a chapter for the forthcoming book - Resonances: Noise and Contemporary Music. A groundbreaking collection of essays, proposing new frameworks for the discussion of noise - from postpunk to shoegaze and beyond. Punk and Post-Punk Noise Chapter 5. Stephen Mallinder, 'Sounds Incorporated: Dissonant Sorties into Popular Music'

Current Music

Currently living in Brighton, UK Stephen continues to produce music and has signed to dTone Music in the USA and has recently issued a remastered and repackaged version of the 'Ku-Ling Bros', recordings which debuted at No 1 on eMusic in the USA. He has recently been collaborating recording with 'Billie Ray Martin' for the German release 'The Crackdown Project', and has recently released a 7" under the name 'Wrangler' with two members of 'Tunng', and as Hey, Rube! with Steven Cobby for Steel Tiger.

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