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Steve Cobby - Sabotage Times article (September 2013)

Steve Cobby has never been one for following the format. As well as his infinitely innovative records, an enduring feature of his musical life as the creative force behind electronica legends Fila Brazillia has been a refusal to play the mainstream music industry game. Even before the advent of internet downloading and direct artist engagement with their audience, Cobby was proving that you can get music out to those who love it simply through excellence and word of mouth, without the need for conventional publicity campaigns... Read the full article

10 Questions For Stephen Mallinder - StevoMusicMan (December 03, 2012)

Today I have questioned Stephen Mallinder, notable for being the lead singer of influential electronic band Cabaret Voltaire. A band that blew me away with the album 'The Voice Of America'. I was lucky to see them a few times through different stages of their career. Since then he's never been far away from music either doing a stint as a DJ or releasing some cool material under the guises of Hey, Rube! or Wrangler of late. If that's not enough he's a lecturer too at Brighton University and had acquired a PhD in Music and Popular Culture no less... See all of StevoMusicMan's questions.

Stephen Mallinder - Jonty Skrufff's Blog interview (September 2012)

Teaming up with fellow Sheffield mates Richard H Kirk and Chris Watson to form Cabaret Voltaire in 1973, Stephen Mallinder helped invent electronic dance music, carving out templates that would influence future pioneers from New Order to Derrick May before they themselves inspired an army of producers: read the full interview

Steve Cobby - whatpeoplesay interview (September 2012)

Steve Cobby writes on the production-side of three tracks from the September 2012 album from The Cutler, 'The Best Things in Life Aren't Things': read the full interview

Steve Cobby - Slackline radio interview (July 30, 2008)

For many years now, electronic music has been feeling the effect from the productions rolling out of a north east England town. In Kingston-Upon-Hull, Steve Cobby found inspiration and he remains put, writing, collaborating, and just enjoying life. His resume rings with a proven track record of achievements including over 15 years recording with David McSherry as Fila Brazillia and with Sim Lister and Jake Harries as Heights of Abraham. Throughout his career, Cobby proves that he is always up for trying something new and different. Slackline Radio caught up with Cobby to talk about his most recent new and different endeavour, The Cutler, and to hear some about his history as well.... read the full interview

Steve Cobby - FXpansion interview (2008)

Steve Cobby is a UK musician, producer, composer and DJ based in Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire. Cobby co-founded Fila Brazillia with David McSherry in 1990 and together they released 10 Lps and produced over 70 remixes for artists as diverse as Radiohead, Busta Rhymes, Black Uhuru, James and Moloko..... read the full interview

Sim Lister - Sandman Magazine interview (2003)

1984: "One week we actually had the choice of whether we'd have the front cover of NME or Melody Maker. Complete madness, fun though." The 1990s: "We had a very grim time of it. It was a horrible slow lingering death."... read the full interview

Pork Recordings - Mixmag (1997)

As mainstream meltdown approaches, it seems every dance artist is jumping through hoops on Top Of The Pops. There is another way. Welcome to the quiet revolution of Pork Recordings.... read the full article