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09 December 2013

'Till Everyman Is Free' by Chieftain is released.

30 September 2013

'Everyone Is Remixing Everything Else' by The Cutler is released.

09 September 2013

Steve Cobby article in Sabotage Times.

05 August 2013

'Out Of My Life' by Chieftain is released.

June 2013

Josef Sedloň creates 18 track playlist containing nothing but The Cutler for his show on Radio 1 (Czechoslovakia). You can read more about Josef Sedloň on the Elemental Music website.

10 June 2013

'Everything Is Touching Everything Else' by The Cutler is released.

April 2013

The Heights of Abraham track 'Dolphins' can be heard on the ZTT Records compilation 'Zambient One' - A new concept in ZTT compilations, Zambient One draws from the catalogues of the most celebrated acts on the label (Art Of Noise, Propaganda, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, 808 State) but selects some rather different remixes to keep things interesting and add a sophisticated twist. Sprinkle on some laid back dancefloor delights, slinky selections by the likes of Hoodlum Priest, Instinct, Novecento and L.a.z.y. and leaven with a handful of classics from the Stiff Records archive - Tracey Ullman's wonderful reading of The Waitresses I Know What Boys Like, a 21st century re-boot of Jona Lewie's Always Find Me In the Kitchen At Parties and Mint Juleps' exalted take on Neil Young's Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Then pick up the 6am Ambient Mix of Kirsty MacColl's hit single Walking Down Madison and pause for thought while Heights Of Abraham cause temporal stasis (or make time stand still, if you prefer) with their blissful version of Fred Neil's Dolphins. In short, Zambient One is Zang Tuum Tumb s very personal collection of modern day lullabies (and wake-up calls). The soundtrack to an imaginary road movie that heads off from Sarm Studios in West London on a torrential Friday night and arrives at the burning embers of Studios Mediterraneo in Ibiza just in time for sunrise on Sunday. It's a highly involving trip; one that will leave you refreshed and relaxed, ready to hit the bar - and wanting to experience it all over again. See the ZTT 'Zambient One' info page for more information.

April 2013

Heights of Abraham join the Steel Tiger from Twentythree Records Ltd, and before that Pork Recordings.

April 2013

The Solid Doctor takes his place in the Steel Tiger roster after previous stints at Pork Recordings and Twentythree Records Ltd.

15 October 2012

'Can You Hear Me Mutha?' by Hey, Rube! is released. The album is available in cd and digital download format.

10 September 2012

New album from The Cutler - The Best Things In Life Aren't Things - released as cd and digital download.

July 2012

New 4 track digital/download EP (War Bonnet) from Chieftain is released on Monday 30th July 2012. The EP was afor a limited period available from the Steel Tiger website as a WAV format bundle.

July 2012

New album from The Cutler (The Best Things In Life Aren't Things) has to be postponed till 10th September due to production errors.

June 2012

New album from The Cutler (The Best Things In Life Aren't Things) to be released in 16th July 2012.

February 2012

March 2012 - The J*S*T*A*R*S track Loose Nuke Threat has been chosen by Fiat to advertise their new Panda... the tune was previously used by The John Lewis Partnership in 2004 & 2005 to promote their spring collection. You can download Loose Nuke Threat from Bandcamp for 50p (Bandcamp allows you to pay more if you are feeling generous), and you can watch the J*S*T*A*R*S / Fiat Panda advert on YouTube. Eagle-i Music set up the Fiat / J*S*T*A*R*S synchronisation.

Listen to Loose Nuke Threat by J*S*T*A*R*S

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January 2012

Steel Tiger music is now published by F-Tang/Eagle-i Music.

July 2011

New Cutler album mastered

July 2011

'The Light Programme' to be renamed 'Hey, Rube!'

March 2011

Cobby and Pork remix Unforscene track

January 2011

A new album from The Cutler has been recorded, and will be released later in the year.

June 2010

The Light Programme will be changing its name because another band of the same name already exists.

March 2010

The Light Programme mix of Billie Ray Martin's 'The Crackdown' can be found on 'The Crackdown Project - Vol.2 - Darkness Restored' (released 15 March 2010 on Disco Activisto).

The Light Programme is Stephen Mallinder and Steve Cobby. The Light Programme is a Steel Tiger project.

November 2009

Sim Lister and Jake Harries appear in The Beat is The Law - Part One (Eve Wood, 2009) - a documentary which focuses on the city of Sheffield and its evolving eighties music scene in Thatcher's Britain. The film had its official world premiere at the UK's prestigious Sheffield International Documentary Festival 2009.

DVD available from 29th April 2010 - for further information visit:

21 August 2009

Black Flag EP by The Cutler released

04 December 2008

'Cutler' became available for download through the new Amazon download service.

Download 'Cutler' from Amazon >>> Amazon (UK) and Amazon (USA)

24 November 2008

Steel Tiger website overhauled and rebuilt

01 November 2008

iTunes has recently added a feature that makes it easier for us to provide links direct to our music should you want to buy from their site.

7 July 2008

Debut album 'Cutler' (cd/download) released by The Cutler

27 November 2007 becomes

16 October 2007

The Cutler releases 'Claymore'

May 2007

The Cutler rides on...
Rob da Bank features The Cutler on his playlist
"Beautiful! Lovin' The Cutler. Ace to hear some proper downtempo music being made again."
- Rob da Bank - BBC Radio 1/Bestival

March 2007

The Cutler
Cobby and Porky release 'Chandrahas'
Instrumental track.

February 2007

The Cutler rides out...
Steve Cobby and Porky are recording on Steel Tiger as The Cutler.
First release 'Stiletto'.
Stiletto vocals provided by Sarah Johns.

October 2006

J*S*T*A*R*S and their debut album 'Put Me On A Planet' selected as one of the hottest names in dance music by DJMAG.COM

September 2006

Producers Steve Cobby and Sim Lister have joined forces to form a project committed to raising the bar - then pulling the dance floor from under your feet! 'Put Me On A Planet' is the first release on their new digital label - Steel Tiger Records.

Cobby and Lister are renowned for hot releases on the Twentythree Records label and Cobby for his work as half of electronica heroes Fila Brazillia.

For those suffering from clubber's foot, J*S*T*A*R*S have the antidote!